Sitecore World Tour

World Tour London is now over

Join us for Sitecore Symposium 2022 in Chicago from October 17-20.

Unforgettable Digital Connections

Symposium World Tour London was our way of taking last year’s all-digital Symposium conference to you to connect in person. This event is now over. We hope you join us for Sitecore Symposium 2022, Sitecore’s flagship event of the year taking place in Chicago from October 17-20.

Featured speakers

Paige O'Neill

Chief Marketing Officer, Sitecore

Dave O’Flanagan

Chief Product Officer, Sitecore

Lee Miles

Chief Customer Success Officer, Sitecore

Richard Dodd

Director of Digital, Macmillan

Steven Foster

Director of Transformation, London Marathon Events

Jon Williams

Senior Vice President, Sitecore

Alison Sainsbury

Senior Director, Digital Experience, Sitecore

Natalie Waite

Experience Director, Sagittarius

Simon Hildrey

Chief Marketing Officer, Liontrust

Azhar Kholwadia

Head of CRM and Digital Product, Aston Martin

Phil Young

Area Vice President, Northern Europe Sitecore

Richard James

Technology Leader, Nationwide Building Society

Marc Ramer

Commerce Sales Engineer EMEA, Sitecore

Peter Fellows

Commerce Specialist, Sitecore

Miranda Glover

Chief Marketing Officer, UNRVLD

Kate Orlova

Head of Solutions Architecture, UNRVLD

Jeremy Davis

Solution Architect, UNRVLD

Beth Livesey

Senior Digital Manager (Global), DWF

Dani Elliott-Booth

Head of Digital and Studio, Marsh Commercial

Your Brand Identity: Unforgettable Customer Experiences
Brands that succeed in the customer experience competition excel at one thing: creating personal connections at scale, making every customer feel like the only customer in that moment. In order for your brand to create, nurture, and optimise these connections, you need the right tools to combine content, data, and delivery to create the best possible experience. Our product team is continually optimising the Sitecore Digital Experience Platform. This session, delivered by Dave O’Flanagan, Chief Product Officer at Sitecore will give you an overview of the major product releases, dive into the new products or Composable DXP, and preview the next release cycles as we unveil new capabilities and drive further innovation in the cloud.



Owning the Composable New World: Flex, Pivot, Grow with Sitecore - The UNRVLD Way
Exploring the journey to composable; from revolution for some clients who take a giant leap into a fully composable future, to evolution for others who choose the path of ongoing iteration. Jeremy Davis, UNRVLD digital expert and Sitecore MVP, shares the UNRVLD way to enablement; touching on Sitecore’s full product suite, from Content Hub to Order Cloud, and sharing frameworks for integration across key client challenges, from DAM integration to Personalisation. 
This presentation, hosted by Miranda Glover, UNRVLD CMO combines an overview of the UNRVLD principles of application with a discussion with two clients from UNRVLD’s Professional Services portfolio; Dani Elliott-Booth, Marsh Commercial and Bethany Livesey, DWF Global – as well as special guest, Kate Orlova, UNRVLD Head of Solutions Architecture and Sitecore MVP.

Customer Panel Hosted by Lee Miles
Hear strategy for new acquisitions and what this means as featured customers from London Marathon Events and Macmillan join for a Q&A.  



Fortune Favours the Brave
During this ‘fire side’ discussion Sitecore Strategy MVP Natalie Waite, Experience Director at Sagittarius talks to Liontrust CMO Simon Hildrey on how he uses Sitecore technology to serve private and professional investors and how the brand plans to leverage the power of a composable DXP to create an experience that converts. They explore the journey from Sitecore XP and how a strong and ambitious roadmap will ultimately connect a world-class customer interface layer with CDP and content hub in the ultimate stack.

How Enterprises Can Create a Competitive Advantage in Customer Experience by Adopting Cutting Edge Technology, Nationwide Building Society
Richard James, Technology Leader at Nationwide shares the story of Nationwide's journey to the cloud, including how and why they decided to be pioneers in JSS headless architectures and then 'Enterprise Jamstack'. Richard will cover the journey of his team and how they operated like a start-up within the enterprise, including the theory and techniques used to adopt bleeding edge tech safely.